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At Distil Education, we help transitioning employees at all levels find better jobs faster, while maintaining your reputation as a supportive employer. We understand that every person has unique skills, challenges and goals; therefore, every transition will be unique. We empower exiting employees while helping them navigate through their transition. We also assist them to set the course toward their future state. Through coaching, skill development, and assessment, we help individuals gain clarity on career options and opportunities.

We recognize the importance of offering career transition services from the employers’ perspective. By assisting exiting employees to land faster and find satisfying roles in which they can maximize their value, you help ensure they remain supportive of your brand.
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We collaborate with your leaders to plan, communicate and support the transition process. From training managers in logistics and communication, to providing support and counseling on the day of notification, we ensure your transition is handled professionally and with the utmost respect for exiting employees.

Career Transition Services And Support For Exiting Employees
Training Required For The Career Transition And Onboarding
Efficient Transition While Minimizing Disruption And Impact To Your Brand

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This process begins with understanding the clients’ needs and goes all
the way to follow-up with both clients and candidates post recruitment.

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