From Struggle to Success

This is the story of an exceptional small-town boy. Who once started as a teacher for village kids, and many other odd jobs is now the core founder of a multi-million company. Mr. Arjun Mishra has a dream and vision of helping and educating the youth of India. With an extremely humble and down-to-earth persona, he is a person with a heart of pure gold. Even in his formative years, he realized that skilled-based education is the prime need of our country, so he launched a company to ease out learning and getting jobs. He had a fire within that made him believe he could be successful with no one’s help; which he proved right.

He was born into a marginal family and studied initially in a rural area of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. He felt poverty closely in the early stages of his life, and that later inspired him to dream something big. Being academically smart, spiritual, and very down to earth; he had a habit of self-learning and liked to take his chances for everything. His family struggled with money matters and could afford to buy just a single pair of clothes every year. But they never compromised with his studies and provided schooling in one of the best places in town. Despite experiencing extensive bullying by his classmates, failure in his class 12th, and several other hardships, he never loses hope.  

A completely different stage of his life started when he moved to Chandigarh for higher education. To complete his studies, he had to live in shabby places with food shortages, but he struggled hard. He let go of his sleep; started doing many odd jobs, whole night and day with minimal wages, just to pay off his college fees. But he kept working on himself, strengthening both physically and mentally. This hustle went on for over 3 years, as he excelled in sales skills, marketing skills, and communication skills.

As a student, he saw thousands of workers nearby relying on them to work in the uncategorized sector. They can’t get a fixed job with a good income as they did not educate themself properly and do not have a professional degree. On moving to college he saw colleges are not producing a workforce with enough skill sets as companies demand. As per the census 2001, the Indian workforce is over 400 million strong, constituting 39.1% of the total population of the country. The workers comprise 312 million main workers and 88 million marginal workers. It was Arjun’s dream to improve their lifestyle and living standards.

He observed the need for a labor force in many companies and then started working in campus recruitment. He created a powerful network with several institutions in the education sector of many states. For this, he had to travel extensively, to almost 30 cities in 30 days. Thanks to his polite attitude and strong communication skills, he had a strong connection with several consultants, companies, and HR representatives. He started with one university and industry and launched his own ITI course. The course involved recruiting 10th and 12th-pass students and then giving them education, skill, experience, and employment. Instead of studying through colleges, the courses were under company training. He launched many unconventional courses from many sectors such as pulp engineering, paint engineering, and packaging. With training in these courses, companies could hire candidates for specific fields.

The Distil Education & Technology Pvt. Ltd Story


We Started Distil Education & Technology Pvt. Ltd

In Year 2017, Mr. Arjun Mishra, (Founder & Director) came up with the idea of “Distil Education & Technology Pvt. Ltd”, which involves turning industrial skill into an educational institute.

  • Associates – 35
  • Offices – 1
  • Clients – 4
  • Employees – 6

Working Collaboratively to Solve Society's Major Problems

The company is working to solve the three problems of the society; unemployment, education, and poverty. They are working as a platform for the youth of India where they will get job and education at the same time.
  • Associates – 565
  • Offices – 2
  • Clients – 16
  • Employees – 14

Working With a Vision Towards Productive Goals

The goal is to work in education, employment sectors and provide jobs in India and abroad. They seek to start a franchise school at block level in every state of India.
  • Associates – 1,390
  • Offices – 3
  • Clients – 48
  • Employees – 21

Team Distil Achieved Many Milestones Along the Path

Trained lakhs of underprivileged youth, who are working in big MNC’S across all the states of India. By empowering such a large section of society, they have pulled out many families from the deep piths of poverty.
  • Associates – 3,724
  • Offices – 5
  • Clients – 91
  • Employees – 70

India's Fastest Growing EdTech based HR Solutions Company

With around 10000+ trainees, and 200+ clients from many sectors, 12 offices. The company that once stated with just one man, now has 170 on board employees in various locations from 12 states of India.
  • Associates – 8,466
  • Offices – 12
  • Clients – 218
  • Employees – 170

Emerging Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Mr. Arjun Mishra, Founder & Director of Distil Education & Technology Pvt. Ltd Awarded for his significant contribution in the field of Education.
  • Associates – 20,000
  • Offices – 24
  • Clients – 400
  • Employees – 300

The foundation of the company is to enterprise distinct learning and employment opportunities. They encompass the vacancies for several human resources who lack skilled experience in them. Distil education provides an opportunity for such candidates to take part in distinct learning and skills elaboration programs at their services, and outsource them to a firm that seeks employees. The work is two-fold, for learners and corporate employee seekers. They provide the whole setup to the students, including documentation, academics, training, and learning; and charge the companies for the trainees they provide.

Mr. Arjun Mishra and his team are not doing all this for the sake of money, it is creating an impact on the lives of rural students. With his core family values of giving back to society selflessly, he does so in every way possible. Because of a lack of guidance and money, a huge part of youth drop out after school and never attend college. The supreme goal is to create a 100% literacy rate and employment in India by revolutionizing the education sector. His story is no less than inspiration itself, and proves just one fact- everything is possible; if you have the will to achieve it.

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