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Disablity is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone.​

-  Martina Navratilova
We live in a country where 13 lakh persons, as per the census of 2011, are deaf and mute, compare that to the National Association for Deaf’s (NAD) number that stands at 1.8 crore*, i.e. nearly 1% of our population! 69% of our Differently-abled Persons (DAPs) reside in our villages, where lack of awareness and lack of dedicated healthcare exacerbates the situation; after basic school education, no other option or opportunity is available to them to improve their skills or to enhance their chance for employment or for self sustenance.

Skill Based Programs For Differently-Abled

Along with all the above subjects our students also additionally need personality development and computer literacy programs on the side; we also have programs to train them in Basic English language and include soft skills, hygiene and grooming in all our course modules.

We help differently-abled Learners to connect with our industry partners while we continue to tap companies who can and are willing to incorporate differently abled persons into their workforce. Our HR and placement teams are constantly advocating with different companies and corporate houses about what we do to ensure that more and more companies become more receptive to hiring differently abled persons.

We regularly organise guest lectures, student counselling sessions and induction programs, to bring corporate and industry’s HR teams of to our centre, so they can first-hand experience the infrastructure and the equipment available to our students. Our centre/s provides skill based training programs for physically handicapped persons, persons with limited locomotive abilities, and also for both deaf and mute persons.

We have designated staff to help our Divyang students in every way possible. We provide help to persons with limited locomotive abilities and our deaf and mute students to meet with the visiting industry teams to understand the industry mandate and requirements. With the industry representative’s presence in the institutes’ premises, the students get an opportunity to find out about the companies and understand first-hand the job role requirements of that company.

To that end, Mentor Skills offers and designs courses in job-roles that are relevant to industry needs.

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This process begins with understanding the clients’ needs and goes all
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